more than medicine

life coaching & intuitive counseling

Life coaching & intuitive counseling access underlying truths,  interplaying connections and self-awareness to achieve the most meaningful life possible. Founded in somatic experience, goal-setting and intuitive observation, these modalities inspire us to release what does not serve and then strategize to achieve the life we desire.

energy medicine

Energy medicine exists in many forms and across many cultures. The foundational belief of these modalities tell us that energy fields exist within us and in the universe around us.  These energetic channels can be both deeply and subtly impacted by our experience and so should be cared for just as we care for our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

spiritual guidance

Spirituality is the essential understanding that we are intimately connected to something larger than ourselves. An important but often overlooked element of being well, spirituality provides hope, gratefulness and creativity in our lives. Beyond religion, but also embracing it, spiritual guidance aims to support our personal relationship to the divine; whether in prayer, love or nature. 

yoga + ayurveda

Yoga and its sister science Ayurveda are more than 4000 years old. These ancient methods for healthy lifestyle and moral participation in society are steeped in sound methodology. Utilizing a multitude of practices ranging from sleep to nutrition and asana to meditation, the guidance of Yoga and Ayurveda can be profoundly life altering in mind, body and spirit.